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Shopping Guide Online

Haga Smartech is now one of the leading shops in Ho Chi Minh City in the field of mobile phones. With the support of consumers across the country, 70% of the devices sold belonged to ship sales to provinces.
Thanks to a rigorous process in checking goods, technical installations and services, safe shipping, Haga Smartech has won the trust of users nationwide. Come with us, customers complete peace of mind when trading online.
Here are some frequently asked questions when buying online:
1. What do I want to purchase?
You can search for products by using the search function at the website. After you have fully grasped the information about the product to buy such as: Model name, accessories, price and promotion at the time of purchase, please follow these steps:
Option 1: Call the call center 092 543 5688 - 0922 741 333 from 8h00-20h30 (CN from 8h00-18h30) our staff is always ready to serve you.
Option 2: Send detailed mail order to
Mail Order Form:
- Customer name: Nguyen Van A; Telephone:; Email:
- Products ordered: Iphone X, Color Sliver, Version 128GB
- Address of delivery: 02 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City system will send purchase confirmation information to email or SMS to the mobile phone that you have provided. Up to 2 hours after ordering (during working hours 8: 00-22: 00) Haga Smartech's direct sales staff will contact customers to complete delivery procedures.
a. We only accept orders when we provide enough accurate information about the address, phone number. After you place an order, we will get back to you to check the information and agree on more related things.
b. The company commits that all goods sent to you are 100% standard goods (with full invoices, official warranty). Due to the risk of transportation (impact, moisture, accidents ...) may affect the goods, so please check the goods carefully before signing for delivery. . Haga Smartech will not be responsible for the deviations of the goods after you have signed for delivery.
c. Currently Haga Smartech serves Online sales to all customers across the provinces and cities nationwide.
d. In some cases of shipment with: Order value is too large, delivery address unknown, which can lead to lost orders, Haga Smartech may ask to refuse direct delivery. Hope customers sympathize!

Customers who buy goods remotely for orders> 5 million can deposit by the following account list. After the transfer is completed, please contact the sales representative in charge of your order to confirm a successful transfer.

Account information:
Bank account: Le Thi My Hanh
Bank: ACB
Bank number: 2663866788
2. How can I trust when I transfer money, I will receive the goods?
 Different from some companies just selling floating on the unknown web address. Haga Smartech is a company with a specific address posted on the website. We promise to quickly contact and deliver goods to you as soon as you have paid for your order. Prestige and quality assurance of goods as well as the interests of customers are always our top criteria.

 - Send the right goods, according to the quality requirements of the customer.
 - Customers just need to wait for delivery to the place, all risks of loss, breakage during shipment with Haga Smartech company are entirely responsible and must return the client to the customer.
 - Customers receiving goods not in accordance with the requirements can send complaints to the call center to customer care. We are committed to addressing process irregularities, if any.
3. How long will I receive my goods?
Your goods will be packed through 1 layer of newspaper, 1 layer of plastic foam to ensure absolute safety for the package, sent through the delivery system of Viettel Post Office, VN post to the address of your other recipient. . , The salesperson will email, or phone, send an SMS with details of the shipping information, including a bill of lading code. Customers can check the shipment route via the carrier's website after the order is delivered to the shipping unit, Haga Smartech will provide the waybill code for you.

Type the waybill code into the mailing box, you can control where the goods have arrived, when the delivery is successful.
Depending on your delivery address, the delivery time is within 24 hours to 72 hours during the working time. For remote provinces, mountainous areas may take longer. However, in some cases arising unexpectedly (incorrect delivery address, no recipient, unable to contact the consignee ...) is not timely. Please contact the company, We will check with the shipping company to confirm the information & return it to you as soon as possible.
4. Can I redeem the item or not?
In case the machine is damaged due to transportation or faults from the manufacturer, call the Hotline 0906.606.466 for specific instructions or to the nearest showroom or authorized Haga Smartech branch to proceed. return and exchange within 15 days (applicable to hand-carried goods) from the date of purchase of the product ... The exchanged product must be 100% new, unused, not damaged or scratched, accessories and warranty stamps The manufacturer's warranty must be in good condition and in the same condition. We do not deal with cases of exchanging used goods or returning goods. Details you can refer to here.

5. To request real product photos and advice, who to contact the fastest?
Please call the Hotline 092 543 5688 - 0922 741 333 for assistance. In addition, you can also send a request email via
6. When I am not satisfied with the service style and quality of, how should I contact and resolve the complaint?
Please send feedback email to or call customer service: 092 543 5688 - 0922 741 333 for advice support.
7. I buy from afar if the machine has an error, how do I send the warranty to the company?
Please call customer service at 092 543 5688 - 0922 741 333 to see a technical service advisor for warranty support.
You can deliver to the address:
Haga Smartech Trading & Services Co., Ltd.
Address:18 Nguyen Van Huong st, Thao Dien ward, Thu duc city, HCM city
Hotline: 092 543 5688 - 0922 741 333 - Website:

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