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The Story


The Shop was launched in 2010,. We started selling phones in shop with ex name: Van Chuong, but our combined ambition, drive and abilities soon made us look for new challenges and new markets. We need to keep offline business and  Start an online provided for both and allowed us to develop a strong business. As HAGA Smartech is named from 2019.


Collective experience of our team members and the years we have spent in the business allowed us to develop a vast network of suppliers, ensuring that our customers will always find what they are looking for. This also means that we are able to offer great prices, which are constantly being updated and follow the shifts in the market.

“ Smart service, always” is the slogan of HAGA Smartech . Our service, fast and reliable delivery, and the fact that you will always be able to find the phone and repair service that you are looking for in our offer, have made us stand out in the market, but they are simply symptoms of our dedication to what we are doing and our desire to constantly keep improving. We know that in order to do that, we need to keep in close touch with our customers and listen to their suggestions and critiques. This is why our customer service, which is always there to answer any question that you may have, is just as willing to listen as it is to inform.